Whaletone Royal
version Digital
finish WO1 Clasic
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Whaletone is for connoisseurs of taste for whom all the aspects of a thing must meet in one exquisite form. Whaletone is not only a gorgeous, modern shape but also, or first of all rather, a modern instrument whose heart is music. It is a perfect, full of sound grand piano which may face numerous musical challenges.

Adapted to chamber performances, it will saturate a small space or, connected appropriately to discreet socket, it will fill a stadium of any size with its sound. It is a phenomenal instrument with professional sound which makes it a complementary entirety. Owing to the philosophy of creation and the possibilities offered by the available technologies, it is an instrument which adapts to the customer not only visually but also musically.


Whaletone Royal is our largest model for real connoisseurs of unrestricted and bold solutions. Its grandeur fully reflects the idea of unrestricted freedom and liberty which is so close both for Whaletone brand and for each musician. The use of its scale was the basis for construction of an instrument captivating with its strength and gentleness - with no compromise, where the form of the grand piano is freed and its design fully used.


The model of a sound processor, a flagship model of Roland brand, with one of the best sound of the acoustic grand piano and a list of more than 500 various high quality sounds built-in. The is the musical heart of Whaletone. The processor generates an outstandingly authentic sound of a string grand piano which is rendered owing to the Super Natural Piano technology and is available in three types of sounds, i.e. Concert, Studio and Brilliant, and 30 selectable variations as well as 10 sounds of electric pianos in 15 variations, all of which are based upon the Super NATURAL technology too. This guarantees the highest quality enriched still by so important for professional musicians natural sounding elements as smooth and natural sound which makes it even more real, speed and reaction to finger hit, smooth transfer among the levels of dynamics with no unnatural loops of samples. Apart from the extraordinarily natural sound of the classical grand piano, it is also the entire richness of programmed sounds from the vintage models of 1960s to 80s , via combinations of types of sounds to the opportunity to create one's own, completely new sounds.

Owing to the programmable pushbuttons and the One Touch Piano function, a swift access to the set sounds is possible, and due to the built-in display one may control the settings of the sounds which include 242 normal sounds, 10 organ sounds Tone Wheel, 256 sounds GM2, 5 rhythmic sets and 9 rhythmic GM2 sets.

Ivory Feel

The entire device is controlled by a comfortable keyboard PHA III Ivory Feel with fully balanced escapement which imitates the hammering effect of the classical grand piano. So balanced and adjusted key mechanics provides a feeling of play with all the subtleties and sound effects via a perfect transfer of the play dynamics which reacts to any nuances and tone changes depending on the strength of the pressure and, especially enriches the expression and audibility even in case of a subtle pianissimo also with the additional support of the Sound Focus function. Since we know that nuances are important, the surface of the keys is covered with the highest quality material of the latest generation which replaces ivory, i.e. Ivory Feel which, via humidity absorption, prevents fingers from slipping off the keys and provides a feeling of playing a classical instrument.


Whaletone is an independently playing digital instrument which emits strong and clear sounds. This is owing to the built-in acoustic solutions of a high level. Whaletone Royal is equipped with an internal, professional, Hypex-based (amplifying system), 3-channel, noiseless amplifier of the power of 340 to more than 1,300 W, depending on the channel. The power amplifier of the pure direct standard provides a possibility to control the power level of individual channels which group clear sounds of the samples in defined frequencies. The channels which group appropriate frequencies are supplemented by a wider range of harmonic sounds and directed to appropriately balanced speakers: low-, mid and high-tone ones of the range of 18Hz - 24kHz.


Under the electrically lifted cover which rises majestically on pushing a button. In the "soul" of the piano there are famous for their high quality and beautiful, clear sound Hi-End speakers of the Danish Company Scan Speak which build an expressive, dynamic and precisely composed sound scene full of low, fleshy tones, also the high ones, precisely emphasized. The sound scene made with 5 appropriately selected and located speakers co-creates the effect of three-dimensionality and location of individual sounds, and reflects exactly their distribution at delicate as well as dynamic, loud play. The full band of frequencies necessary to reflect the natural tones of a grand piano obtained also via the scale and power selection, intensity and dynamics is an answer to the needs for uncompromising emission of the instrument sound within the full range, tone and dynamics on the highest level which is expected by the pianist.


Each Whaletone grand piano is individually configured within the scope of positioning and amplifying of the sound. Via the use of the possibilities offered by channel micro-delay adjustment, balancing correction or elimination of the redundant vibrations of the membranes, each instrument is individually configured. Owing to this, we obtain a checked, precise, equal, tone of full spectrum which is appropriately positioned in the space, perceivable for both the player and the audience as a natural positioning of the sound. The predefined settings are stored in the memory of the instrument. Any individual further configurations and/or changes made by the user do not exclude the possibility to return to the original settings.


The independence of Whaletone grand piano does not limit it to chamber use. On the contrary, with the use of the connection sockets built-in the left leg and using the balanced XLR connections, it is possible to connect the instrument to a concert amplifier, which makes it a really concert instrument. In the same place, apart from the balanced XLR outputs, the grand piano has also MIDI inputs and outputs which provide connection to and cooperation with other devices, which creates nearly unlimited possibilities of connecting it to external consoles, sequencers, controllers, pads and other devices which are controlled with this protocol.

At the top of the side of the grand piano, beside the keyboard, there is a hand connection panel. Near the switch of the cover lift, there are two USB ports. One of them provides connection of a USB memory for storage, recording and replacement of the data and, e.g. for audio play whereas the other port provides connection to a computer. Whaletone cooperates with most of the software for sound recording but it may also be used as a controller of virtual instruments. Beside the USB inputs, there is a headphone socket which cuts the sound of the piano and provides play in the silent mode.

The fully-programmable pedals may be configured according to one's own preferences characteristic of the epoch of digital instruments. Each of the pedals is configurable both for its operation and for its functions.

As it is with a traditional instrument, a cover rises from the solid mass of the grand piano. However, here the cover is lifted with the use of an electric servomotor, easily and with no effort at all. The cover may be stopped at any position, which provides control of the strength and damping of the generated sound irrespectively of its settings adjusted with the amplifier potentiometer. Besides, this safe and smart solution offers controlled, smooth raising and lowering of the cover without a risk of its sudden snap and with the possibility to stop it at any position. The comfort and safety of the solution are the elements which illustrate our care for comfort and safety of each user. Even the minutest lover of play.

Whaletone is a professional instrument for individualists.

Fully adapted finishing, e.g. the color of the housing or upholstered finishing of the "soul" of the grand piano is a standard offer. The piano may meet individual requirements, which is emphasized by numerous adaptable elements. The grand piano always prepared upon individual order is dedicated to its user, strictly adapted to their preferences and requirements, always unique, marked with an individual number and dedication.

That is because we want it to be exactly what you wish it to be.

musical parameters
mechanism 88 keys with escapement
finish PHAIII Ivory feel
other master keyboard MIDI function
Sound generator
(General MIDI2)
Super NATURAL Piano 3 types (Concert, Studio, Brilliant), 30 variations
Super NATURAL Electric Piano 10 Ep types, 15 variations
Virtual Tone wheel 10 types
PCM Sound Generator GM2(for SMF Playback) 256
Tones 500
Live Set Preset:300 User:100
Parts Live Set (4 layers) + 16 parts
Maximum Polyphony 128 voices
One Touch Button 3x Piano + 3 programmable
Effects Multi-Effects: 2 x 4 systems, 84 types
Reverb: 6 types
Chorus: 3 types
3-band Compressor
4-band Digital Equalizer
Rythm Pattern
200 patterns
Recording File Format
Standard MIDI File: format- 0/1
Audio File: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear), MP3
Playable Song Format
WAV(44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear)
LAYER LEVEL slider x 4 (Assignable)
REVERB knob, CHORUS knob
pitch Bend/Modulation lever
S1/S2 Buttons (Assignable)
x3(una corda, sostenuto, sustain), programmable
240 x 128 dost graphic LCD (with backlit)
1x subwoofer, 2x midrange, 2x tweeter
Rated Power Output 350/1100 – Watts per chanel
Amplifier High End Hypex class D
Frequency 10 – 24 kHz + 0/-3dB
OUTPUT Jacks (L,R); XLR type
MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT1, OUT2, THRU/OUT3)
USB Connectors (MIDI, Memory)
PHONES Jack: Stereo 1/4 inch phone type

electical parameters
Max power consumption 2000 Watts
Standby power consumption 2 Watts
Mains operating voltage 230VAC/50-60Hz

general parameters
Humidity 40 - 70%
Temperature 11 - 40 C (52 - 100 F)
Height (top opened/top closed) 220/122 cm (87/48 in)
Length 409 cm (161 in)
Width 250 cm (98,5 in)
Weigh 450 kg (992 lb)
Dimensions for transport / piano crate size
Height 172 cm (68 in)
Length 460 cm (181,2 in)
Width 258 cm (112,5 in)
Weigh (piano + crate) 1500 kg (3307 lb)

Whaletone is unique. It is made for individual orders only so it adapts to very personal requirements. Manufacture of a Whaletone grand piano is a creative process , and the effect of it is always individual and unrepeatable. It is composed of numerous components, hand made, and it offers many possibilities to be adapted to individual preferences or a place it will function.

Starting with individually selected colors, type of polish, selection of materials, via individual decorations, personalization and the possibility of the finishing configuration makes it an extraordinary and unique instrument. This is an unprecedented combination of possibilities. Each of the unique models is marked with its own, individual number, engraved plate showing the name of the owner, inscription or graphics.

The colors and upholstery of the specially designed seats match the grad piano which forms a harmonious entirety. The protective covers from delicate flannel and synthetic silk help to care for the instrument and, at the same time, they emphasize our care for the details and high level of satisfaction of all those who expect high quality. Whaletone is a celebration of personal relishes and tasting of bespoke things.


WHALETONE offers the unlimited option of choosing the color of the case. The instrument can be made in two predefined variants: one and two-tone, rest of it is limit of imagination. We offer skórapredefined palette of specially selected colors gives a wide spectrum of color choices. Apart from the snow-white and classic black, the offer also includes intensive, lively colors for true individualists. The instrument surface can also be selected – from piano-like, metallic or pearls lacquers, duotone, from the high shine to full matt in all possible combination.

Colours Palette

The palette of colours presented above is a precisely selected, basic set of predefined finishing elements adjusted to the concept of Whaletone. Apart from the classic finishing snow-white and classic black, the offer also includes intensive, lively colours for intensiv colour fan: pink, orange, or violet will be appealing to those with a defined taste. For people who value subtlety we have put together blue, creamy or chocolate-gray hues, perfectly in line with modern interiors. Striking yellow will provide a visible contrast to the surroundings, duotones offer rich reflections, while claret-violet or navy blue-emerald would give an impression of depth and variety of sensations. Moreover, particular hues will be enriched by the effect of intently hidden differences in shine of lower and upper part. Whaletone poses a true challenge for our imagination.


Colours of cover finishing is also complemented Internal upholstery colour, matched to the basic colour, may constitute perfect wholeness or strong contrast. For calmer solutions we use the statement upholstery tone in tone to the color of paint, usually slightly darker than the color finish. For the more intense we choose significantly darker or even contrasting, elegant statement of complementary and well combining with the color of the paint. The upholstery inside the piano “soul” completes the final effect. Also the seat for the pianist is finished off the color of the piano.

Made of high quality velour, leather, eco-leather, high-tec syntetic materials, always we care to gives the impression of elegance and nobleness. This is still only a small proof of the existing possibilities.

Stainless Steel

The grand piano has many metal, visibile elelements of its finishing. The hinge of the upper cover, note stand, decorative inside of the rim, handles and many other. Our offer gives also a choice of the finishing of those important and supplementary parts. We may make them in polished steel or brass but also in mat, velvety aluminum. Upon your request, gold or silver plating may be used in traditional techniques, or the parts may be entirely made of precious metals, i.e. silver, white or red gold or platinum.

Note Stand

One of the most visibile parts in Whaletone grand piano.Apart from the standard note stand, there are numerous versions and new ones are still being designed. However, the most important thing is that this is another opportunity to make one's instrument individual. The design of the line, ornaments, patterns, initials, favorite motifs may be smartly included in its shape.


The multitude of the possibilities creates unlimited combinations. Besides the areas of the choice mentioned already, the experiments may go much further. Individually painted patterns, leather upholstery, a wide range of textures, shades, incrustations, light effects even. As long as it is Whaletone, much is possible.


Each Whaletone is made upon an individual order. We offer many possibilities of choice and many occasions to compose a Whaletone of your dreams. We do know it is a fascinating but also difficult choice. That is why we offer our assistance and knowledge, long experience in designing and a team who will help you make up your mind best. We try to advise as well as possible and compose the parts of the finishing according to your expectations, the assumed quality, and to visualize the planned effect. Owing to our assistance and advice, you may be sure that, finally, everything will make an elegant, coherent and beautiful instrument. Like no other.

Comming soon...